Yellen Insists the IRS Is Unpopular Because They Are Too Small

‘The IRS has been starved for resources’
By Grabien Staff


AMODEI: "I don't mean to cut you off, but I’ve got even less time than the ranking member does. So, you think it’s resource-related that they have a bad reputation?"
YELLEN: "Absolutely."
AMODEI: "It's nothing to do with historical culture in the agency or anything like that?"
YELLEN: "The agency has been resource-starved and it’s not been able to invest in the kind of technology that makes it -- "
AMODEI: "Is it your testimony that you think it’s because of resource starvation that the IRS has an alleged reputation amongst taxpayers in this country? Is that your testimony, is because they were starved of resources in order to have a better reputation?"
YELLEN: "People know that if you call the IRS, the phone isn’t answered, and you -- it’s difficult to do business with the IRS, and that reflects a shortage of resources."

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