‘You’re Gaslighting!’ Geraldo Rivera, Will Cain Go Off on Each Other in Heated Fox News Debate About Paul Pelosi Attack

‘So if you put out false information, how can you then indict people for understanding that false information?’
By Grabien Staff


CAIN: "Geraldo, you asked me a question. You asked me a direct question. I’m going to answer it directly and ask the same of you. I do not think you take those scant, false, bad details as provided by media law enforcement and media outlets and jump to absurd conclusions. I do not think that, Geraldo. Now let me ask this of you. Do you take those same scant, false details and jump to a conclusion of indicting 50% of America for their political beliefs? Do you do what Joe Biden did and say this was a result of mega MAGA Republicans?"

GERALDO: "You're gaslighting. You’re gaslighting! What does that have to do with the slander of Paul Pelosi? We sat by while our colleagues slandered Paul Pelosi — "

CAIN: "Because, Geraldo — it's funny how I answered your question directly, but you won’t answer mine — "

GERALDO: " — and made him into this caricature. Some things we can’t do. Some things wen’t do. I have absolutely finished with the intolerant of these — where do you think whackos get these ideas? They get these ideas because we encourage, we entitle them."

(Via Mediaite)

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