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Fallon on Nicotine Ban: Tough Day for Everyone Who Loves Ingesting Chemicals

‘Can’t even huff gas anymore’


FALLON:" And this is big: The FDA just announced that they are banning all Juul e-cigarettes in the U.S.
(Audience gasping)
(Cheering and Applause)
Yeah, no more Juul. No more Juul. That will explain tomorrow when you see a bunch of your coworkers sucking on a Glade plug-in and be like, 'You getting anything? You getting anything? I feel — I’m feeling a little something. I don’t know.'
It’s a big deal, because if they also ban fedoras, your old college roommate is going to have a nervous breakdown
Meanwhile, the Biden Administration says they’re moving forward with a plan to eliminate nearly all nicotine in cigarettes. 
Yeah, man, it is — it’s a tough day for everyone who loves ingesting chemicals. You know what I’m saying? Can’t even huff gas anymore. It’s too expensive."

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