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Flashback: Avenatti Claimed He’d Bring Down Trump, Prez Would Resign in Disgrace

Michael Avenatti, who today was charged in two separate cases in two separate jurisdictions, with crimes ranging from extortion to bank fraud to tax fraud, once predicted he would take down President Trump.

Just 10 months ago, Avenatti — riding high amid his representations of Stormy Daniels — confidently predicted Trump would not serve out the remainder of his term, and would instead resign.

This could come as a direct result of his own legal maneuvering, Avenatti boasted. 

“I believe that ultimately he will be forced to resign due to information that he’s — he’s going to come to light in connection with our case, as well as the raids by the FBI,” Avenatti said during an appearance on CBS This Morning. ”We’re going to prove the details of this reimbursement. I think there’s going to be criminal liability, criminal exposure in how this payment was handled.”

Yesterday, Trump escaped the biggest threat to his presidency, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced he had been cleared of “colluding” with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

Today Avenatti was arrested in the same district he’s targeting Trump, and was later charged twice in Los Angeles, as both the municipal and federal levels. 

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