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Meyers Mocks Tucker Carlson’s ‘Just Asking Questions Routine:’ ‘You Can’t Say for Certain? By All Means, Put it on Television’

‘We all know that’s how journalism works’


MEYERS: “You can’t say for certain? Well then, please, by all means, put it on television. We all know that’s how journalism works. Who could forget the famous Woodward and Bernstein headline, “Did Nixon do Watergate? Seems like the kind of thing he’d do but who knows?" I’ll just never personally — I’ll never tire of Tucker’s "Just asking questions routine." “Were these protests against Biden’s vaccine mandate? Did Joe Biden secretly replace all the real pilots with communists, Antifa woke-anistas, or were the delays caused because the flight attendants refused to give you a second bag of Biscoff cookies when you asked.””

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