Job Posting: The Soros Scholars Fund Is Looking for Unqualified Applicants!

‘The Soros Scholars Fund has unlimited grants for young millennials who might lack useful skills but more than make up for it with their sense of entitlement’
By Grabien Staff

Attention out-of-work millennials!

If you have a sketchy background and are struggling to find work, there’s an exciting opportunity you might be qualified for. 

It’s called the Soros Scholars Fund, and these prestigious grants are awarded to individuals aspiring to help change the world … one act of civil disobedience at a time. 

Did you happen to catch Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious Supreme Court nomination and see young activists randomly shouting and interrupting the congressional hearings? Then you saw Soros Scholars in action! 

You too can change the world — saving the environment, solving inequality, feeding the hungry, starving the fat — simply by shouting and breaking things! 

Ideal candidates will: Possess a strong desire to talk about themselves, no interest in the power of persuasion, and unshakeable self-esteem. Apply today, and finally become the hero you always knew you were.



An editor’s note on the decision to publish this post: We began this video spoof the day after our “Avenatti & Avenatti” parody video; production was completed last Monday, the day a mail bomb was delivered to Soros’ residence in New York. We decided to sit on the video to avoid anyone suggesting we were adding to a hostile, anti-Soros climate. During that time, many in the media began arguing that criticizing Soros is a coded way to express anti-Semitic attitudes. This, of course, is nonsense. It’s true that crazy people believe crazy things, sometimes about George Soros — such as that he’s some kind of furtive puppet-master manipulating global events via the Trilateral Commission, or, more recently, that he’s funding the migrant caravan. But what’s not a conspiracy theory is that Soros funds left-wing agitation groups like the ones referenced in this video. Attempting to silence legitimate criticism, and legitimate reporting, through this kind of intimidation is in part motivating our decision to publish this spoof. Also, it’s meant to entertain, and we think everyone right now could use a laugh. 


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