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Gergen: ‘Certainly Looks Like the Dam Is About to Break’ on the Trump Admin.

‘The president has been wrong there’s nothing to this’
By Grabien Staff

COOPER: "David, how serious is this for the Trump Administration?"
GERGEN: "Well, it certainly looks like the dam is starting to break now, Anderson, after a long while. I think we’re going to be in expense suspense over the next couple of days until we know exactly what charges are. If the charges relate to collusion or conspiracy against the United States, as Carl just pointed out, or if they're about money laundering, that’s going to send a shudder through the warehouse. Because what that would suggest is: two things, first of all, the president has been wrong there’s nothing to this. There’s actual probable cause to believe in Mueller’s mind that in fact crimes were committed. And in that zone — and there’s much better chance of flipping somebody if that’s — if that’s the area where the evidence has taken them. 

"On the other hand, if you say it’s a Manafort and he’s indicted for some illegal money trafficking he had personally some time ago, that suggests they got very little on the question of collusion and on money laundering. I think a lot depends on what charges are, as in addition to. If it’s money laundering or if it's collusion I think Jeffrey and Carl are right. There’s going to be a big effort to flip whoever it is that’s indicted."


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